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PostPosted: Sun Jun 02, 2013 5:20 pm 
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Forum Membership and Official Club Membership (i.e. financial membership) is at the discretion of Aussie Commodores Club Inc’s. Committee. By registering and logging on you agree to follow the forum rules and guidelines.

Aussie Commodores Club Inc. Administrators and Committee Members reserve the right to edit any and all content of the forum. The views and opinions expressed on the Aussie Commodores Club Inc. forum are not necessarily those of Aussie Commodores Club Inc. All users (including financial members) are limited to one username on the Aussie Commodores Club Inc. forum. Creating extra usernames may result in a ban and deletion of all accounts.

Avatars & Signatures
Avatars must NOT contain nudity or profanity. Likewise signatures must not contain nudity, profanity or non sponsor related business links. Avatars or signatures in breach of this clause will be removed. If an avatar or signature is deemed offensive by forum users it will be removed. If it appears again after removal you will be banned.

Any abuse towards financial members, Committee members, sponsor's businesses or other car clubs will NOT be tolerated either through posts on the forum or PM's. This will include harassment, bullying, threats of violence, threats to damage personal property, victimization or racial vilification. Also not permitted is negative comments about any business or attempts to portray a business or trader in a slanderous manner. If a complaint is made, you will be notified by email or pm and you may be placed on moderated posts or banned. A copy of the email or pm will be cc'd to all Committee Members along with supporting evidence and any further correspondence as it comes to hand. Therefore you will not need to contact Committee members individually seeking answers/solutions.

Banning users
The Committee will vote to ban any user after careful consideration of all evidence to hand. You will be contacted and informed your forum account is to be discussed, and you will have the opportunity to present your case to the Committee. As stated above, all correspondence will be cc'd to all Committee Members during the dispute resolution phase. Depending on the severity of the infraction to cause a ban, it may range from a month to a life time ban. Anyone found evading a ban, will automatically earn a life time ban.

Prohibited posts
The following type of posts / comments / links will be deleted by Committee and you maybe banned from the forum.

1. Links to or requests for software serial numbers, warez, mp3s, illegal software, etc.
2. NWS (Not Work Safe) material. This can include everything from websites about hate groups to pornography.
3. Misleading links. A misleading link is a text link that says one thing and takes you to another site.
4. Links to websites that contain crazy pop-ups, make your CD tray open, or otherwise disturb your computer.
5. Any profanity or pornography (or internet links to them) are strictly prohibited.
6. The forum uses a “swear filter” to block profanity, using symbols or creative spelling in order to “dodge” the filter is prohibited.
7. Street racing posts of ANY kind, illegal or otherwise will be deleted without question. Aussie Commodores Club Inc. does not support illegal street racing or hoon behaviour in any way, shape or form. The same rules apply for illegal burn outs.
8.No flame wars will be tolerated. If a topic appears inflammatory, the Committee or Moderators will intervene. If a user starts a flame war in a topic, the user will be placed on moderated posts or banned at the discretion of the Committee.

Advertising of any business or trade, other than our officials Sponsors, is not allowed on this forum. Any post (including personal signatures) with advertising material will be deleted immediately and the user sent a PM.

Your Forum Account
You agree not to share accounts or register multiple accounts for a single user. DO NOT let anyone but yourself use your account a posting on behalf of a suspended member or impersonating will not be tolerated only one user-name per person.

Trading Section
Aussie Commodores Club Inc. providers registered forum users and Members with access to the Trading Section on the basis that all good advertised for sale are done so on a personal basis only. The trading section is not for commercial trading purposes. Any user selling stolen or copyrighted parts or items will be banned and police may be contacted.

Aussie Commodores Club Inc. takes no liability or responsibility for all goods bought or sold via the forum. We will not intervene or become involved in any dispute between parties who have entered into a financial transaction for good bought or sold via our forum.


Failure to comply with these rules / policies in some cases may lead to you having your forum membership revoked immediately.

The following is the process for dealing with any breaches in forum rules (Excluding Instant Ban Offenses):

1st offense after warning will incur via PM
2nd offense will incur a 4 week ban
3rd offense will result in permanent removal of forum access.

Members will be advised by the Club Committee (via e-mail) when they have been banned and for what reason. No further discussion or negotiation will be made.

In cases where Laws are broken the Club Committee will not hesitate to report the offense to the Police. We will not tolerate illegal behavior within the club or on the forum.

Aussie Commodores Club Inc, nor its members accept any responsibility for the behavior, or actions of other members.

We reserve the right to amend the Forum Rules at any time and the enforcement of them is at the Committee / Moderators discretion.

Please enjoy the forum and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to let any of the Aussie Commodores Club Inc Committee via email or by private message as we are happy to help.


ACC Committee


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